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10/29/2003 Temporary solution for the forums http://waffenss.aowc.net/forums.asp

10/28/2003 As you can see I'm having trouble with Aimoo regarding our forums. I have been thinking about moving them and the sight, so I will be working on this move this weekend. Sorry for the inconveniance and hopefully I'll have something up soon, bear with me.

09/24/2003 [NSK] asked for a map of a soccer field. It's on the maps page.

08/17/2003 Let's welcome our newest member Spanky5150. Make him feel welcome.

08/15/2003 The server has moved. The new IP is Everything else is the same as allways.

08/07/2003 I'm almost finished with the sight overhaul. As you can see I've added some new things and removed some of the things we didn't need. I intend to use this news category to post any RTCW news that I find. I will also be overhauling the forums next. Also note the server payment button has been moved to the "Server Info" page.

08/05/2003 Reworking sight. Will be working on for a couple of days.

07/19/2003 Well once again I've been lazy here at the sight. But on the upside there are final versions of Imen and Uboat on the server page. Have fun!!

05/21/2003 I know I'm a lazy #@#@#. Maps have been taking up alot of my time lately so sorry. First I need to welcome three new members to the team, =WSS= Red, =WSS= Bats, and =WSS= RCMahaffey. We are all happy to have you onboard. Second there is a beta version of mp_imen on the server page. And lastly I will try to get the skins up on the sight this weekend.

03/29/2003 First I would like to welcome our newest member =WSS= Chaves to the team. Chaves is an excellent player and a real nice addition to our family. Second I am rather happy to announce that there is a Beta version of mp_schatten on the server page. Feel free to grab it and then post any comments and or problems you may have.

I've been a little lazy lately and haven't updated this thing.

2/24/2003 We are once again recruiting. All interested persons please post on the forums.

2/24/2003 MP_Armegeddon2 released. You can get it on our server page.
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