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History of the Waffen SS

The Waffen SS was nazi germanys elite fighting force.They were the fiercest, most motivated, and best equipped combat troops to fight in the European theatre in World War II.
The Waffen SS originated from a small group of SS men who served as Hitlers bodyguard when he came power in the early 1930's. In late 1933 the Leibstandarte Adolph Hitler was was officially created at a party rally. Then in 1935 the Waffen SS came into being as an outgrowth of the LAH as Hitler's expansion plans made it clear that war was near.

Heinrich Himmler, Leader of the SS, wanted to have a unit controlled by the Nazi party and independent of the traditional army, the whermacht. His intention was that victories won by the Waffen SS would create a glorious mythical future of the Third Reich.
During this time in the late 1930's training was very rigorious and physical fitness was emphasized along with military and political doctrine. The training was designed to produce soldiers who could perform well under pressure in a rapidly changing enviroment as it was the intention of the leadership to use all the new mechanised tools of war just being developed.
The Waffen SS earned a reputation as the unit to call to lead an assault or to fill the breach when the line was breaking.
In comparision to military events of today when it takes months to move and prepare moderate formations to perform in the field, the Waffen SS would travel long distances under harassment to engage larger enemy forces upon disembarkation in unfamiliar territory and win at a moments notice. The death defying Waffen SS units would take 70% casualties when they believed it necessary and even defy Hitlers orders when it made no sense to follow them.

The Waffen SS was the blueprint for today's effective fighting forces and is still unrivaled for it's ability to deploy rapidly and effectively. The key to it's effectivness were disciplined, effective leaders at all levels and well trained, highly motivated troops. This combination allowed Waffen SS units to act independently when necessary and achieve amazing results. (This was taken from the Waffen SS History Sight)

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