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Honor Code
=WSS= holds to a very strict code of Honor and Dedication. We serve each other on and off the battlefield. If your are chosen to be a member you will be expected to aid your fellow teamates in whatever manner possible. You will allways act in a civilized manner and be respectful to others. The main thing is not allways to win but to give a good effort and above all else have fun.

=WSS=Vulture Founder LT and Engineer
"I'll pick your bones clean"

=WSS=QED Sgt of Arms LT and Soldier
"Any day is a good day to inflict pain"

=WSS=Pink Medic
"Don't let the color fool you, it's so you see something nice after I kill you"

=WSS=RCMahaffey Medic
"I'm one of the best pricks in the business"

=WSS=Rev Den Recruiter LT
"Prayer will not save you from my sten"

=WSS=Nasty Wolf LT
"I can kill you now or later, your choice"

=WSS=ATECH LT and Medic
"I will technically remove you from this world"

=WSS=Chavez LT
"All of my enemies die in the end."

=WSS=Reichsfuhrer LT
"I will kill you and then dance on your rotting corpse"

"I hope your corpse floats"

=WSS=Batts LT
"I am the bump you hear in the night"

"Look, your blood matches my hair!"

=WSS=Spanky5150 LT
"You've been spanked!"
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